Winter 2019

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Winter 2019
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CubCast and ScoutCast

The new Scouts BSA program will be up to full speed come February, and the questions have been pouring in! ScoutCast invited National Director of Program April McMillan to answer the most frequently asked questions for the December episode. Don’t miss it… you’ll thank us later!

Be sure to tune in to CubCast and ScoutCast every month to hear best practices and timely discussions on current and relevant Scouting topics. Both podcasts share valuable information for volunteers and parents. CubCast is for Cub Scout leaders; ScoutCast is for Scout leaders

Upcoming CubCast topics include How to Serve Smaller Packs (January), Webelos-to-Scout  Transition with No Local Troops (February), and Summer Activities (March). ScoutCast will cover New Ways to Start Troops (January), Training for All Leaders—New and Old (Feb.), and the Trail to Eagle (March).

You can find these and archived podcasts at There is a transcript included with each podcast. You can subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes or your favorite podcast app so that you don’t miss a single episode! You can send us your ideas for future podcasts by tweeting us at @CubCast or @BSAScoutCast.

Family Scouting

New learning plans and modules for Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts are in development and will be released on the BSA Learn Center. These modules are designed for family Scouting. The Cub Scout modules will be totally redesigned to reduce the time spent in training as well as provide a new mobile-friendly interface. Closed captioning will be available in all modules. Watch for upcoming communications regarding the launch of these new learning modules.

Below are the new learning plans:

Note: “BFM” = Before the First Meeting
“30” = In the First 30 Days
“PT” = Position-Trained

Aims of Scouting

A fourth aim of Scouting, Leadership Development, has been added to the other three (Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Physical and Mental Fitness). The fourth aim of Scouting will be included in all the Scouts BSA and Cub Scout modules.


The online prerequisites for the Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) course are under revision with the goal to launch in early 2019. These new modules will be built in the same template as the new Cub Scout modules and are being redesigned with a shorter completion time.

Den Chief Online

Den Chief online training is almost complete. Completion of the course will provide the learner with a completion certificate that can be submitted to his/her unit leader. The learner can then receive his/her “trained” patch. News that the course is ready will be posted on

Youth Protection Training Online and Facilitated Materials

The mandatory YPT modules have been updated, and the new recommended modules (Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Neglect, and Exposure to Violence) are completed. All the YPT modules are being translated into Spanish. The updated online modules and materials for face-to-face presentation are projected to launch in late January.

Venturing Advisor-Specific Training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)

The syllabus for Venturing Advisor-Specific and the syllabus for IOLS will be translated into Spanish; both are projected to launch in November. They will be posted on

Watch for communications regarding the launch of these new modules on the BSA Volunteer Training Team Facebook page, in future issues of the Training Times, and in the What’s New section of our website.

Syllabi for Face-to-Face Trainings Updated

The following syllabi were updated previously this year:

  • Scoutmaster
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)
  • Troop Committee Challenge
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS)

Looking into next year…

The following courses will be updated in 2019:

  • District Committee (online)
  • Commissioner (online) updates (related to new Commissioner Tools)
  • Scouts with special needs courses
  • Sea Scouts (online) updates

Direct Contact Leaders Trained Goal for 2018

WHAT? National goal to achieve at least 50 percent of direct-contact leaders trained (organization- wide)
WHEN? By December 31, 2018
WHO? As listed in JTE, direct-contact leaders include

➢ Cubmasters (CM)
➢ Tiger Den Leaders (TL)
➢ Den Leaders (DL)
➢ Webelos Den Leaders (WL)
➢ Scoutmasters (SM)
➢ Leaders of 11-year old Scouts LDS (10)
➢ Crew Advisors (NL)
➢ Skippers (SK) So…how are we doing?

We ended October 2018 with 46.5% DCLT. To exceed the target of 50% we would need to have trained an additional 7,018 direct contact leaders.


Are you on Facebook? If so, have you found the BSA volunteer training page? We have almost 13,000 “Follows” and more than 13,000 “Likes,” and the number is growing every day. Encourage your Facebook friends to join us. You can find the page by logging into your Facebook account and putting “BSA Volunteer Training Team” in the search line.

Spotlight on Service – Northeast Region Training Chair

Northeast Region Training Chair Jeff McKinney is an Eagle Scout from Troop 31 in Youngsville, Pennsylvania, in the Chief Cornplanter Council. As an adult, Jeff has held numerous positions including unit committee member, unit commissioner, merit badge counselor, Cubmaster, and district chair. He has been a member of the Baden-Powell Council executive board for over 25 years holding positions of council commissioner, national council  representative, and vice president of district operations. Jeff was elected to the Northeast
Region Area 3 Committee in 2011 and has held positions of area commissioner, area executive vice president, and area president.

Jeff has been a staff member in numerous adult and youth training programs including course director’s conferences, university of Scouting, Powder Horn, NYLT, chancellor for the area college of commissioner science, and a Wood Badge course director. He is a
national camp accreditation program visitation member, national and world jamboree staff volunteer, and a faculty member at the Philmont Training Center and Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.

Jeff’s Scouting recognitions include Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award, Distinguished Unit Commissioner, God and Service, and the James E. West Fellowship Award. Jeff is a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow, Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope, and a life
member and Legacy Society founding fellow of the National Eagle Scout Association.

Philmont Training Center

Coming in Summer 2019…

Week 2, June 16-22
–I Am a New Council Training Chair. Now What?
–I Am a New District Training Chair. Now What?
Week 7, July 21-27
–Training for Trainers: Fundamentals, EDGE, and More!

Comments from previous PTC attendees…
“The whole family loved it! My wife was ready to go back
after the second day!”

“It’s a great way to learn from others.”

“The ‘WOW!’ factor was the scenery and the depth of the

For more information on these and all the conferences offered in 2019, go to
Choose one (or more!) of the conferences and plan to join us next summer at PTC. For questions about the Week 2 and Week 7 conferences listed above, contact Jessica Everdale at

What’s New in Wood Badge

Movie Licensing for Wood Badge and NYLT

As an organization we need to be mindful of federal laws concerning presentation of videos and video clips at Wood Badge and NYLT. The BSA uses an umbrella license instead of a limited location/date license.

This change provided several positive outcomes including:

  • Eliminating the liability exposure for the local council and the national service center concerning the presentation of movie and movie clips in connection with Wood Badge, NYLT, and other activities.
  • Diminishing or reducing the workload of processing movie licenses for local councils and the national service center.
  • Decreasing the cost of presenting the movies required to present at Wood Badge and NYLT for the local council by 50%.

All local council facilities and camps are included under the umbrella license which allows presentation of movies at other activities/events besides national training courses. New licenses for 2018-2019 are being issued to your local council now, and councils will be invoiced based on the number of Wood Badge and NYLT courses they will hold in 2019. Please contact Mark Nelson at or 972-580-2203 if you have additional questions.


December 2018 – March 2019… Finalize Wood Badge administrative guide, staff guide, Wood Badge brand guide, and related collateral materials.
April 2019… April 15: Wood Badge administrative guide, staff guide, Wood Badge brand guide and related collateral material released to councils at course director’s conferences. Use of the new material may begin following a course director’s attendance at a Wood Badge course director’s conference after April 15, 2019.
September 2019… September 8-19: 100th anniversary of the first Wood Badge course in England.
January 2020… Nationwide rollout complete. All councils use the new administrative guide, course syllabus, Wood Badge brand guide, and related collateral materials.

Leadership Challenge

Scouters will practice and internalize the leadership skills taught at Wood Badge in this action-packed, experiential conference. Leadership Challenge underscores the values of Scouting, teamwork, and team development, and promotes the concepts of
servant leadership.


  • The skill, ability, and motivation to be a dynamic and effective leader through advanced, practical applications of Wood Badge skills.
  • Innovative techniques to deliver Wood Badge skills to units and councils.
  • Nationwide resources including new ideas and contacts that can be gained only through a program of this type.

The course is open to all Scouters who have completed Wood Badge. Participants must meet Philmont’s backcountry physical standards as specified in the BSA Health and Medical Record, Parts A, B, and C.

You will camp in a team setting that enables participants to use their Wood Badge leadership skills to resolve challenging situations.

You will spend five nights in a two-person platform tent at Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp. Showers are available, and you will
prepare and eat meals with  other participants and faculty. On Day 4, you will hike four miles one-way to Zastrow, home of Wood Badge at Philmont, carrying a backpack weighing between 30 and 40 pounds. You will spend one night at Zastrow where you will camp
in a two-person backpacking tent on the ground. At Zastrow, you will prepare and eat Philmont trail meals with your crew.

You will participate in a two-hour conservation project and hike to Lovers Leap.


June 30-July 6 and Sept. 15-21, 2019


The fee for the six-day course is $550. A deposit of $150 is due upon registration; the balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.


Go to and click on the “Click here to register for 2019 NAYLE/PLC” tab.


• Visit the Philmont Training Center (PTC) – website:
• Send PTC an email:
• Visit the PTC Facebook page:
• Call PLC: 575-376-2281

Some comments from past PLC participants…

“This was an amazing experience.” – Robert C.
“(PLC) put the intended leadership lessons for us tolearn into real life practice.” – Fred S.
“I wouldn’t change my experience here for anything.” – John T.
“(PLC) has refreshed and reinvigorated my love of Scouting.” – Greg K.
“This week has been eye opening for me.” – Pete R.

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)


The National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is an exciting program where young men and women enhance their leadership skills through team- building, ethical decision-making, problem-solving, and service to others. NAYLE is offered at two national high adventure bases:

  • Philmont Scout Ranch
  • Summit Bechtel Reserve


  • The skill, ability, and motivation to be a dynamic and effective leader taught through advanced, practical applications of NYLT
  • Innovative techniques to deliver NYLT skills to units and
  • Nationwide resources including new ideas and contacts that can be gained only through a program of this
  • Personal written commitment to apply NAYLE skills back home.


  • Completion of Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops or Crews (ILST or ILSC) and National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).
  • Be in top physical condition. A BSA Annual Heath & Medical Record Form, Parts A, B, C, and D is required.
  • Be 14 years of age (or 13 years of age and have completed the 8th grade) but not yet
  • Hold a unit leadership


You will camp in a team setting that enables participants to use their leadership skills to resolve challenging situations. The week concludes with a closing challenge for each Scout to use what he or she has learned in service to others.


Two sessions will be held in 2019:

  • Session 1: June 23-29
  • Session 2: July 7-13


The fee for the six-day course is $425. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due upon registration with the balance due March 31, 2019.


To register go to:



You will camp in a team setting that enables participants to use their leadership skills to resolve challenging situations. The week concludes with a closing challenge for each Scout to use what he or she has learned in service to others.


Six courses will be held at Philmont Scout Ranch in 2019:

  • June 16-22
  • July 7-13
  • July 14-20
  • July 21-27
  • July 28-August 3
  • August 4-10


The fee for the six-day course is $425. A payment of at least $150 is due when the online application is completed, with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival. If needed, there are a small number of scholarships available. The cancellation fee is $150.

Contact the Philmont Training Center for more information.


Go to: and click on the “Click here to register for 2019 NAYLE/PLC” tab.


What’s New in NYLT?

Scouting U is announcing updates to the current National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) syllabus. These changes are effective February 1, 2019:


  1. The minimum age requirement to attend NYLT will change. All participants must be 14 years old or 13 years old and have completed eighth grade; there cannot be any


  1. For 2019 only, an exception will be granted for girls to attend NYLT without first achieving the First Class They must still meet the age requirements and first attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST.) This will allow new troops to have trained youth leaders.


  1. In most councils, NYLT will remain coed for the foreseeable future. We suggest separate patrols for boys and girls if you have sufficient numbers of each


  1. Beginning in 2020, all NYLT course directors/Scoutmasters are required to attend a region/area course director’s conference within 24 months prior to the start of their course. The individual who is listed as NYLT backup course director/assistant Scoutmaster on the “Request for Authorization to Conduct a National Training Course” form is also required to attend a region/area course director’s conference within 24 months prior to the start of the approved


Questions should be directed to David Ehrlich, Scouting U NYLT coordinator (; Tom Giugni, Scouting U Vice Chair, Leadership Development (; or Mark Nelson, Scouting U Team Lead, Leadership Development (


2019 Update

An updated version of the “NYLT Course Closeout Report” form is included in the appendix of the NYLT syllabus. There are four questions related to course and content improvement which will need to be completed. The report is to be filed with the area training chair and area NYLT coordinator within 30 days from the end of the course. A copy should be sent to the council training chair, Scout executive, and Scouting U (

All NYLT staff (youth and adult) must participate in the “Understanding and Preventing Youth-on- Youth Abuse Training for Camp Staff” training program during staff development. The facilitator guide and slideshow will be available in the national NYLT Google drive. Additionally, all youth and adult staff members must take the new online Youth Protection Training. NYLT course directors/Scoutmasters should verify that their youth staff has completed this training, perhaps via receipt of a certificate of completion.

NYLT course directors/Scoutmasters are to consider utilizing “Scouting Moments” that are applicable to your geographic area and physical location to your orientation trail topics.

Examples could include Charcoal Safety, Propane Safety, Food-borne Illness, Poisonous Plants, Sun Safety, and Weather-Related Safety. More information can be found at safety/safety-moments/.

Scouting U is always open to suggestions to improve the NYLT syllabus. Suggestions should be forwarded to David Ehrlich, Scouting U NYLT coordinator (; Mark Nelson, Team Lead, Scouting U (; or Tom Giugni, Scouting U Vice Chair for Leadership Development (

Coming Jan. 2019… Florida Sea Base Volunteer Development Conferences!

So… what’s happening at Florida Sea Base in January? FIVE fantastic conferences featuring topics for anyone involved in training, commissioning, special needs in Scouting, leading troops, or advancement… in the beautiful Florida Keys… in January!

Read below to see what the faculty has to say about each of their conferences…

From Kresha Alvarado, Faculty for the Second Century Service (commissioners) conference…

Commissioner Service has changed in this century. Are you prepared? Commissioners are no longer following a template but rather collaborate with key unit leaders to identify and overcome the challenges they face to help them serve more youth with a better program.

This comprehensive conference will give you the knowledge and tools you want and need to succeed in Scouting’s Second Century. We will explore all aspects of unit service including capturing and accessing actionable information in Commissioner Tools, strengthening relationships among Key 3 and district operating committee members, and delivering effective roundtables. After this conference participants will:

  • Be familiar with the five areas of focus for commissioners.
  • Be able to use My.Scouting Tools and advanced reporting tools such as Power Pivot Tables to capture and access actionable information
  • Understand how to build strong relationships and work effectively with younger generations
  • Understand coaching and mentoring and be able to use both techniques effectively
  • Be able to collaborate with unit leaders and successfully create a unit service plan
  • Know the latest methods for recruitment
  • Be familiar with current commissioner training and onboarding processes and recognition opportunities
  • Know what’s new in Roundtable and the elements of a good Roundtable meeting
  • Expand their network of Scouting

Please join National Commissioner Ellie Morrison, National Commissioner Service Team Technology Chair Rick Hillenbrand, and National Commissioner Faculty Member Kresha Alvarado at Florida Sea Base on January 13 – January 19, 2019. You won’t want to miss this experiential and collaborative learning opportunity in the beautiful Florida Keys.

From Charlie Garwood, Faculty for the Leading and Strengthening New Troops conference and the Conference on Education for Advancement Administrators…

What’s your favorite vacation destination? Disney? France? The Caribbean? Ever write a paragraph describing your experience and why you want to go back? Such is the purpose of this article. May the words expressed here inspire you to register and participate in supplemental education at the Florida Sea Base in January 2019.

Why? These are some comments from prior participants:

  • “Nice balance of instruction, information from outside sources, and development ”
  • “Excellent job of communicating expectations and following up to make sure they were met, as well as ensuring that participant questions and confusions were ”
  • “The information I learned was applicable to my current Scouting position/skill ”
  • “The conference content has prepared me to be a better leader.”
  • “My favorite part of the conference was learning outside the classroom via after-hours discussions.”
  • “I learned so much, including about myself, that I am grateful for ”

Friendships abound at Islamorada, Florida. Renew old friendships and make new friends, too!! There just isn’t a better January destination than the Florida Sea Base.

Additionally, there is free time for trips to Key West, the Dolphin Rescue Center, the Sea Turtle Hospital, the Florida Keys Re-Growth Center, fishing, twilight boat rides, and more! And bring your spouse, because they, too, will have a fabulous vacation experience in the spouse program!

Week 2, January 20 – 26, offers two grand experiences. These are Leading and Strengthening New Troops and the Conference on Education for Advancement Administrators (CEAA).

The Leading and Strengthening New Troops instruction is designed for new troop leaders – all of them – male/female – boy troops and especially girl troops, too. This conference is perfect timing for the start-up of new girl troops in the BSA. Come and learn what needs to happen for a successful start-up and continuation.

The Conference on Education for Advancement Administrators (CEAA) is a proven developmental education in advancement, especially for those with experience. Participants will depart with a vastly improved knowledge of advancement tools and how these tools are developed. Helping you to help Scouts through their advancement is a most important component of this course.

Here are the links to registration and more information:

For more information:

To register:

Do not wait. Register today! See you in Florida this January!

From Pat Wrath, Faculty for the Council/District Training Committee conference…

What if you could finally get answers to your most pressing training issues? What if leaders in your councils and districts want to get trained? What if you could, once and for all, take away a loaded virtual tool box that helps you address the untrained leaders, helps you find new trainers, gives you ideas for energizing the trainers and training courses you now have? What if you could find this treasure chest of the most valuable training tips in the winter-warmth of the Florida Keys this January?

You will not only find this wealth of information, but you’ll also have opportunities to view glorious sunsets, to benefit from fellowship with other Scouters, and to enjoy the comforts of the Florida Sea Base! You and your spouse also have opportunities to enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, the Dolphin Research Center, Snorkeling, Gallery Tours, the Everglades, and the Turtle Hospital. Spouse programs are available daily, and you’ll have time to join them as well!

If you are ready to sharpen your trainer tools, discover a wealth of new information, become an agent-of-change in your district and council, be prepared to make a real difference in the quality of training and the culture of training for the Scouts and Scouters you serve, then make plans now to enjoy the balmy Keys January 13-19, 2019.

All council, district, and unit trainers, commissioners, and anyone wanting to be a better trainer and training administrator should attend. Registration is now open!

Training YOU for success in YOUR training role!

 For conference questions contact Jessica Everdale at

Available Spouse Opportunities

Sunset Cruise Stand-Up Paddle Board

Kayaking Dolphin Research Center

Snorkeling Gallery Tours Everglades

The Turtle Hospital

Don’t forget about our wonderful program for spouses!

Family Scouting

For current information/updates on Family Scouting, go to


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