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Cub /Webelos Scout Day Camp Administration

Beginning in 2019, to be nationally certified as a day camp director, program director or staff adviser, individuals must complete a three-part training curriculum. This includes an online course, a council-led in person training session and then a day and a half at a National Camping School. This three part curriculum, combined with the required pre-requisites listed below, will enable individuals to serve in a leadership role at their day camp. If you have a current Day Camp Administration card that has not expired, you do not have to take this training. This new National Camp School format and curriculum is for anyone who is not yet certified.  All three sessions, online, in-person local council session and the 1.5 days at NCS are required to be fully certified and they should be taken in that order when possible. Once individuals register for national camp school, they will receive the link for the online training course.


Participants must have completed Cub Scout Leader Training and Youth Protection Training at following link A copy of the certificate(s) or training record is required.


Local Council Day Camp Administration Training Materials

As part of the multi-step approach for day camp director and program certification for “Day Camp Administration”, council day camp leadership will instruct the following course to individuals in their council attending a National Camp School Session. This training should take place before they attend National Camp School. As a reminder, participants should take the online training prior to participating in this local council facilitated training. The online training link will be sent to individuals registered for a National Camp School Day Camp Administration section.  

Please ensure that you update each person’s ScoutNet training profile with “CS63” and remind participants to bring a copy of their updated training record with them to their National Camp School course.


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