Conservation Resources

Council Conservation Committee Guidebook

The purpose of this online guide is to identify parameters for a local council to organize or strengthen its conservation committee. The mission, organization, membership, operations, and functions of the conservation committee will be dependent upon the needs and desires of the local council—the guide identifies several alternatives in this regard. In addition, the guide identifies the committee’s responsibilities and includes a sample of a local council conservation plan and a discussion of potential sources of revenue for the council to fund conservation programs and activities.


Council Conservation Success Stories


Here are some success stories of local council camps doing good things in the name of conservation.


Conservation Resource Sheets


Sustainability Resources

  • For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America has been a leader in conservation education and environmental stewardship. In fact, you might say we were green when green was just a color. Today, we are moving from green to deep green, working across the organization to make sustainability both something we teach and something we live. Go to to learn more about sustainability programs within the BSA.
  • Sustainability merit badge