Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools

Unit Service Plan

Commissioner Tools


Commissioner Tools is available via the my.Scouting portal. Commissioner Tools helps commissioners perform by providing access to information critical to supporting units. Here are a few examples of Commissioner Tools capabilities:

  • Assign commissioners to units.
  • Record contacts. A commissioner is most effective through frequent contact with units to build a friendly and trusting relationship.
  • Roundtable administrations. Plan, record attendance, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Conduct assessments to help a unit improve. In concert with the Unit Service Plan and Journey to Excellence (JTE), the tool provides the ability to record the results and build action plans that may access and incorporate district, council, and other resources beyond the unit.
  • Monitor a unit’s progress. Access unit information.

The Commissioner Tools Focus Group will continue to add enhancements based upon commissioner feedback.

Commissioner Tools Training

Getting Started

Here are a few must-read documents to help councils successfully use Commissioner Tools:

Video Training Modules

Video training modules are available in the BSA Learn Center, which can be accessed from the home page of my.Scouting.

Additional Commissioner Tools Training Resources


Commissioner Assessment Forms. These blank detailed assessment forms taken from Commissioner Tools may be used as paper information-capture sheets if a commissioner does not want to work on the computer live while contacting a unit. Alternatively, they may be used by a commissioner who does not have access to a computer, and a “commissioner friend” will enter the information. They may also be used when collaborating with a unit to complete the assessment of a unit’s strengths and needs.

Commissioner Assessment Forms

Unit Assessment Forms. These blank assessment forms taken from Commissioner Tools may be given to a unit leader to complete prior to the Collaborative Assessment being completed by the unit Key 3 and the unit commissioner. Ideally, the unit should complete these within my.scouting.org when they are sent to them by the commissioner; however, they may be used as a worksheet prior to entry in my.scouting.org. They may also be used when collaborating with a unit to complete the assessment of a unit’s strengths and needs.

Unit Assessment Forms

Monthly Commissioner Tools Reports

Reports, generated monthly, summarize the contact activity from Commissioner Tools by district within councils. At the end of the report, area and region results are summarized.

Monthly Commissioner Tools Reports

Scenarios for Unit Assessments. These scenarios can be used for training commissioners in how to do a unit assessment.

Updates to Technology of Interest to Commissioners

Periodic communication documents with updates to BSA technology of interest to Commissioners.

Archived Monthly Commissioner Technology Focus Group Status Reports

Advanced Commissioner Tools Report Analysis Using Power Pivot Tables

In just a few seconds, Power Pivot tables can take your raw Commissioner Tools report data and create advanced reports. The Power Pivot table files were volunteer-developed and are NOT supported by the BSA’s Information Delivery Group. Presently, these tools work only on a Windows-based computer with Excel 2013 and newer; they do not work with Excel 2010 and earlier. We hope to expand the supported user base in the future. For assistance with these Power Pivot tables, please contact commissioner.support@scouting.org and a volunteer will respond to you.

Instructions for Creating Advanced Power Pivot Table Reports from Commissioner Tools Reports