Professional Jobs

A Profession With a Purpose

It might come as a surprise that Scouting is a solid, paid profession. Today’s professional Scouters are a diverse group of men and women sharing a dynamic career offering independence, achievement, and stability. This is work that makes a difference . . . work that calls one to continual learning and challenge . . . work that offers solid compensation, benefits, and advancement. We invite you to look at our surprising profession through the stories of real professional Scouters, one of whom might be a lot like you.

A Day in the Life

What do professionals in Scouting do every day? The responsibilities are as broad as the tasks are varied, and no two days are the same for a typical Scouting district executive. No matter where they work, in the city, the suburbs, or the countryside, one thing is for certain—this is anything but a “cubicle” job.

Our field staff are typically found in the community, not behind a desk.The job of the professional Scouter is to inspire, recruit, train, and support the BSA’s adult volunteers. In addition, they work with community leaders to rally public support for Scouting.

See what a typical day in the life of a professional Scouter is like.


  • Medical: The BSA Medical Plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and prescriptions.
  • Dental: The BSA Dental Assistance Plan is designed to provide assistance with the covered dental expenses. An optional Preferred Dentist Program is also available.
  • Vision: The BSA Vision Care Plan is designed to encourage employees and eligible dependents to take advantage of one complete eye exam every 12 months. Employees may also enroll in the hardware program.
  • Long Term Disability: The BSA Long-Term Disability Plan covers an employee 24 hours a day for disability sustained on or off the job. If approved, the employee would receive 60 percent of monthly income minus income from other sources.
  • Group Life Insurance: The BSA Group Life Insurance Plan provides for Basic Life of 1x salary, Optional Life up to 6x salary, and Dependent Life Insurance for eligible dependents. The policy is a term life policy with no cash value.
  • Group Accident Insurance: The BSA Group Accident Insurance Plan provides a benefit when a loss is sustained as a result of accidental death or bodily injury, anywhere in the world, on or off the job.
  • Scout Executives’ Alliance: The BSA Scout Executives’ Alliance is a fellowship fund conceived and administered by professional Scouters. The fund is fully insured through a term life policy with no cash value.
  • Retirement Plan: The BSA continues to offer a defined benefit plan that provides for a lifetime income based upon salary and years of credited benefit service. Employees are eligible to enter the plan after one year of employment and become vested after five years of eligible service.
  • Tax-Deferred Annuities: Tax-deferred annuities are also available as an option for employees. These plans provide a tax advantage for employees while working and supplement their incomes at retirement.

Qualifications of Employment

Do you have the background needed for a career as a Scouting professional? Our leaders are frequently called upon to multitask and combine many skills to get the job done.

The basic qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Adult—must have attained age 21 unless prohibited by any applicable law
  • People-oriented, having the ability to work well with adult volunteers, community and business leaders, and representatives of other organizations
  • Able to work varied hours when necessary to achieve positive objectives
  • Believe in the BSA and subscribe to its principles and standards
  • Be approved to receive a professional Scouting commission

Inquire About a Career

People interested in Scouting typically make their first inquiry about job opportunities right at the local council.

Find the local council in the area in which you’d like to work by going directly to the local council locator.

View current employment opportunities